Individual Quick Frozen Slice Banana

Banana is a food that is loved by many families in main and side meals. Banana is a food that contains many nutrients such as: high fiber content, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6 and antioxidant compounds. Bananas help reduce liver enzymes, help the liver work to eliminate toxins well, enhance vision, effectively reduce fat, increase muscle, beautiful skin, …

Bananas have a very characteristic natural sweetness, no chemical sugars, intensely fresh banana flavor and mild aroma, ivory white inside and bright yellow outside the peel of ripe bananas, creating a unique flavor. wonderful fruit.

Frozen bananas are made from Cavendish bananas, completely from fresh, natural fruits with carefully selected ingredients according to standards from the garden planted according to the farming process of the farmers. After thawing, the product will have a natural fresh taste.

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