IQF freezing is much quicker and results in higher product quality than conventional freezing

IQF freezing has been in development for decades: “Individually quick frozen or IQF technology has been continuously developing since 1960s. IQF involves freezing each individual item of product separate from each other with the help of cold air streams. This type of freezing is much quicker and results in higher product quality when compared to

More opportunities to sustainably export dragon fruit to the EU market

The project “Improving the quality of Vietnamese tropical fruits” (project) has begun, with training activities, technology support, and field practice… sponsored by the Dutch government. Increasing the number of options for dragon fruit export in a sustainable manner to a strictly market In recent years, the area under dragon fruit cultivation in Vietnam has rapidly

Vietnam Agricultural supply-demand relations are boosted via a cooperative alliance.

Agricultural cooperatives are currently confronting a number of challenges, including supply chain interruptions, high stockpiles, and increased input costs, to name a few. The Vietnam Union of Cooperatives has strengthened agricultural supply and demand relations to assist them in overcoming the challenges. 90% of cooperatives’ revenue and profit have dropped precipitously, and half of all


The ever-popular avocado continues to be in high demand worldwide, with increased demand in places like Germany. Avocado consumption continues to rise in China as consumers get more familiar with the fruit. Australian growers are reaping the benefits, sending off their first-ever 40-foot container to the Asian market, as well as likely expecting their largest

Ecommerce Platform participate in the move towards agricultural products

E-commerce platforms and food-tech companies are boosting the sales of agricultural products, especially in the time of social distancing in many localities. “E-commerce platforms boost consumption. The number of orders is high with plenty of customers nationwide. Selling on these platforms is also leisurely – we don’t have to drive and urge people to buy

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